Advantages of Disposable Sterile Loops

Disposable plastic inoculation loop is a commonly used laboratory tool in life science experiments. It is widely used in many disciplines such as microbial detection, cell microbiology, and molecular biology. Inoculation loops can be generally divided into disposable plastic inoculation loops according to different materials. (made of plastic) and metal inoculating loops (steel, platinum or nichrome).
Use of the inoculation loop:
1. Streak method: stick the bacteria-containing material with an inoculation loop, and draw a line on the surface of the culture medium.
2. Spot planting method: Use an inoculation loop to touch a few points on the surface of the solid medium.
3. Pouring method: Take a little bacteria-containing material and put it into a sterile petri dish, pour the melted agar medium at about 48°C, shake well and cool down.
4. Puncture method: Use the inoculation loop to stick the microorganisms to puncture and enter the semi-solid medium for deep culture.
5. Invasion and washing method: pick out the bacteria-containing material with an inoculation loop, and rinse in liquid medium.
The disposable inoculation loops provided by our company are all sterilized by gamma rays and packed in sterile packaging, please feel free to use them!
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Disposable inoculation loops and inoculation needles are made of polymer material polypropylene (PP). The surface is specially treated to be hydrophilic. It is suitable for microbial experiments, bacterial experiments, cell and tissue culture experiments, etc., and has been sterilized and unpacked. Ready to use!
◎ Hydrophilic after special surface treatment
◎ A variety of colors to distinguish different sizes of inoculation loops and inoculation needles, blue for 1.0μL inoculation loops, yellow for 10.0μL inoculation loops
◎ The needle shaft is slender, soft and bendable, and can be used in narrow or special-shaped containers
◎ The products have been sterilized and can be used directly
◎ Packed in easy-to-tear, anti-pollution paper-plastic bags
◎ Each packing box has a batch number, which is convenient for quality tracking

Post time: Nov-22-2022