• Is oropharyngeal swab better than nasopharyngeal swab for COVID?

    Is oropharyngeal swab better than nasopharyngeal swab for COVID?

    Oropharyngeal swabs have become an important tool in the fight against COVID-19. These swabs are used to collect samples from the back of the throat and are a key part of the virus testing process. As the demand for oropharyngeal swabs continues to grow, many people are ...
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  • Cover glass slide tips

    Cover glass slide tips

    Slides can be roughly divided into two categories: ordinary slides and anti-detachment slides: ✓ Ordinary slides can be used for routine HE staining, cytopathology preparations, etc. ✓ Anti-detachment slides are used for experiments such as immunohistochemistry or in situ hybridization The main d...
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  • Can the slide still be used with ash on it? Still accurate?

    Slides are one of the consumables that teachers must use when testing. Do teachers really understand it? A glass slide is a piece of glass or quartz that is used to place things when viewing things with a microscope. When making a sample, a cell or tissue section is placed on the glass slide and ...
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  • What is a pipette?

    Pipettes are commonly used in laboratories to transfer milliliter volumes of liquids, from a minimum of 1 ml to a maximum of 50 ml. Straws can be disposable in sterile plastic or reusable in autoclavable glass. Both pipettes use a pipette to aspirate and expel liquids. Different sizes of pipettes...
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  • How to choose pipette tips?

    01 The material of the suction head At present, the pipette nozzle on the market basically uses polypropylene plastic, referred to as PP, which is a kind of colorless transparent plastic with high chemical inertia and a wide range of temperature. However, the same is polypropylene, there will be ...
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