Can the slide still be used with ash on it? Still accurate?

Slides are one of the consumables that teachers must use when testing. Do teachers really understand it?
A glass slide is a piece of glass or quartz that is used to place things when viewing things with a microscope. When making a sample, a cell or tissue section is placed on the glass slide and a cover glass is placed on it for observation. , Teachers have been in the big health industry for many years, and they should have a certain experience in the use of glass slides. I am afraid that all teachers also think that they understand glass slides very well, but I am afraid that many teachers do not know enough about it. .
In the environment we live in, there is dust everywhere. Teachers should have seen the dust scattered under the lights, right? Just imagine, in this environment, as long as the slide is taken out, how can there be no dust? Moreover, as a detection instrument, the microscope can even magnify the blood cells to the naked eye, not to mention the larger dust!
The most important thing is that the dust on the slide will not have any effect on the detection. If there is no problem with blood collection, the dust will not be seen when observing the blood slide. If you see dust, please standardize your operation and practice blood collection techniques.

Post time: Sep-23-2022