Eight advantages of Jinlong Brand Virgin PP material Europe style poultry hopper

Disposable Sterile Sputum Cup PP is a medical product that has been developed to assist in collecting sputum samples for testing. This product has been designed to meet the needs of healthcare providers who require a reliable and convenient way to collect sputum samples from patients. The product is made from PP, which is a type of plastic that is commonly used in medical devices.

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The Eight Features of Disposable Sterile Sputum Cup PP Made with Leakproof Nuts

1. Clear molded scale for reading: This product is designed with a clear molded scale that makes it easy for healthcare providers to read the volume of sputum collected. This feature ensures that the proper amount of sputum is collected for testing.

2. Large matte area for marking and writing: The product also includes a large matte area that allows healthcare providers to write patient information and other important details on the cup. This feature helps with organization and accuracy.

 3. Good sealing ensures quality control before inspection: The product includes leakproof nuts that ensure a good seal between the cup and lid. This feature helps to prevent spillage and contamination, which is important for quality control before sample inspection.

4. Bar code can be customized: The product can be customized with a bar code, which allows for easy tracking and identification of samples. This feature helps to ensure that samples are properly labeled and identified.

5. Can be disinfected by E.O.: The product can be disinfected using E.O. (ethylene oxide), which is a common method for sterilizing medical devices. This feature ensures that the product is free from harmful bacteria and viruses.

6. Can provide aseptic packaging through EOA: The product can be packaged in aseptic packaging, which helps to ensure that the product remains sterile and free from contamination. This feature is important for maintaining the quality of the product.

7. Can provide individual packaging: The product can also be packaged individually, which makes it easier for healthcare providers to store and transport the product. This feature also helps to prevent contamination.

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8. Can provide bulk packaging: The product can also be packaged in bulk, which is convenient for healthcare providers who require larger quantities of the product. This feature helps to reduce waste and lower costs.

In conclusion, Disposable Sterile Sputum Cup PP has become an important tool for healthcare providers who need to collect sputum samples for testing. The eight features of Disposable Sterile Sputum Cup PP Made with Leakproof Nuts make this product reliable and convenient for healthcare providers to use. The clear molded scale, large matte area for marking and writing, leakproof nuts, customizable bar code, and several packaging options all contribute to the overall quality of this product. Furthermore, the ability to be disinfected by E.O. makes it free from contamination thereby ensuring the safety of the patient. All of these features make Disposable Sterile Sputum Cup PP a critical component for the collection and analysis of sputum samples in a medical setting.

Post time: May-16-2023