How to choose pipette tips?

01 The material of the suction head

At present, the pipette nozzle on the market basically uses polypropylene plastic, referred to as PP, which is a kind of colorless transparent plastic with high chemical inertia and a wide range of temperature.

However, the same is polypropylene, there will be a great difference in quality: high quality nozzle is generally made of natural polypropylene, and low cost nozzle is likely to be recycled polypropylene plastic, also known as recycled PP, in this case, we can only say that its main ingredient is polypropylene.

02 The packaging of the suction head

The pipette nozzle is mainly packaged in bags and boxes. In relatively mature markets, boxed boxes dominate; And in our market, bags are absolutely mainstream at the moment — mainly because they are cheap.

The so-called bagging, is to put the suction heads in plastic bags, each bag of 500 or 1000 (the number of large scale suction heads per bag will be much smaller). Most customers will buy bags after the suction head, and then manually put the suction head into the suction box, and then use high pressure steam sterilization pot for sterilization.

In addition, in recent years, there has been a new type of head packaging (8 or 10 plate heads stacked into a tower, can be quickly put into the head box without touching the head). The suction requires less storage space and reduces the use of plastic, which is environmentally friendly.

03 The price of the suction head

Let’s start with normal bagged tips (1000 per bag in 10μL, 200μL and 1000μL sizes). Bagged tips are divided into three grades:
① Import head: the most expensive is Eppendorf, a bag to 400~500 yuan;
(2) Imported brands, domestic production: the representative brand of this grade is Axygen, its price is generally 60~80 yuan, Axygen nozzle in the market share is quite high;
(3) Domestic suction head: such as jiete suction head, the price range is generally 130-220 yuan; The price range of nesi suction head is generally 50~230 yuan; Beekman biological suction head, the price range is generally 30-50 yuan. Generally, the price of boxed tips is 2-3 times that of bagged tips, while stacked tips are 10-20% cheaper than boxed tips.

04 The fit of the suction head

The suitability of pipette tips is a point that users are paying more and more attention to now. Why? Because not all nozzles can be used in any brand of pipette with the corresponding range, so customers must pay attention to the suitability of the nozzle when purchasing the nozzle.

We can mainly understand the adaptation of the suction head from the following aspects:

(1) The specificity of the suction head: some brands of some series of pipette can only use its own standard suction head, other suction head can not be used. Rainin’s multichannel pipette, for example, must use its own LTS nozzles;

(2) The degree of pipette adaptation: the most common situation is that a pipette can use a variety of pipettes, but the effect of pipetting after installing different pipettes is not the same. In general, standard nozzles work best, but some brands are still good

(3) Pipette and pipette range to match: under normal circumstances, the volume of the pipette should be greater than or equal to the maximum pipette range, such as 200μL pipette can be used for the maximum pipette range of 20μL, 100μL and 200μL;

Specific can consult our sales staff, to ensure that customers can buy a suitable nozzle ~

05 Suction head with filter element

The suction head with filter element is a filter element on the upper end of the suction head, generally white. The filter element is typically made of polypropylene, similar to the structure of a cigarette filter.

Due to the presence of the filter element, the removed sample cannot enter the pipette interior, thus protecting the pipette components from contamination and corrosion, and more importantly, ensuring that there is no cross-contamination between samples. Therefore, the suction head with filter element is also an important tool for removing volatile and corrosive samples.

Post time: Apr-26-2022