Laboratory test tube cleaning and brushing method

As a commonly used instrument in the laboratory, the test tube has higher requirements for its cleaning, and we need to clean it carefully. The test tube used in the experiment must be thoroughly cleaned, because the impurities in the test tube will have adverse effects on the experiment. If the test tube is not clean, it will affect the results of the experiment, and it will also cause errors in the experiment, leading to wrong conclusions. . Therefore it is very important to use the tube cleaning brush to clean the tubes.

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Test tube brush, also known as twisted wire brush, straw brush, pipe brush, through-hole brush, etc., is a widely used brush. It is made of stainless steel wire as the skeleton. The upper section of the brush is a flexible cylindrical brush with a top with Some protruding bristles. In medicine or plumbing, the tube brush has a lot of credit. It can clean the top and sides of the tube, even if the depth of the tube is no problem. New tube brushes with tails have appeared. 

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The method of cleaning the test tube is as follows:
1. First, pour out the waste liquid in the test tube.
2. Fill the test tube with half of the water, shake it up and down to flush out the dirt, then pour out the water, then fill it with water and shake, and repeat the rinsing several times.
3. If there are stains on the inner wall of the test tube that are difficult to wash off, use the test tube cleaning brush to brush it. We should choose the appropriate test tube brush according to the size and height of the test tube. First use a test tube brush dipped in detergent (soapy water) to scrub, then rinse with water. When using the test tube brush, move and rotate the test tube brush slowly up and down, and do not use too much force to avoid damage to the test tube.
4. For cleaned glass instruments, when the water attached to the tube wall does not gather into water droplets or flow down in strands, it means that the instrument has been cleaned. Washed glass test tubes should be placed on a test tube rack or designated location. 

Post time: Jun-24-2022