Little knowledge about throat swabs

A throat swab is actually a sterilized medical long cotton swab to dip a small amount of secretions from the tester’s throat. The secretions are sent for viral testing, which can help understand the patient’s condition and infection of the oral mucosa and throat.

Many people need to go to the hospital for examination when they suffer from respiratory diseases, and there are many methods of examination, including taking a throat swab for examination. But some people don’t know about throat swabs, so what does throat swabs mean?

1. What does throat swab mean?

A throat swab is actually a long, sterile cotton swab that a doctor uses to dip a small amount of secretions from the tester’s throat. Virus detection of these secretions in the respiratory tract can better understand the patient’s condition, as well as the infection of the oral mucosa and pharynx, which is a very important detection method. The patient opens his mouth and makes a sound of ah, so that the pharynx can be fully exposed, and then use a long cotton swab to wipe the secretions on the pharyngeal and palatine arches and tonsils on both sides.

Second, the operation points of throat swab

1. Check the doctor’s order

Before taking a throat swab, you should first check the doctor’s order and be fully prepared.

2. Rinse your mouth with water to prepare the sample

The doctor will ask the patient to rinse the mouth with water to make sure the inside of the mouth is clean. Then open your mouth to make an ah sound, and consider using a tongue depressor if necessary.

3. Quickly wipe the sample

Quickly wipe the two palatal arches, pharynx and tonsils with a sterile medical long cotton swab, so that a certain amount of secretions can be obtained.

4. Insert the test tube

Put the mouth of the test tube on the flame of the alcohol lamp to sterilize, then insert the taken pharyngeal swab into the blood vessel, and seal the bottle tightly. It is also necessary to indicate the retention time of the specimen and submit it for inspection in time.

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Post time: Jun-24-2022