• How will my country’s medical device industry develop in the next 10 years?

    The development prospects of medical device companies seem optimistic, but the unsustainable medical costs and the participation of new competitive forces indicate that the future pattern of the industry may change. Today’s manufacturers face a dilemma and risk being commoditized if they fa...
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  • Little knowledge about throat swabs

    Little knowledge about throat swabs

    A throat swab is actually a sterilized medical long cotton swab to dip a small amount of secretions from the tester’s throat. The secretions are sent for viral testing, which can help understand the patient’s condition and infection of the oral mucosa and throat. Many people need to g...
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  • Laboratory test tube cleaning and brushing method

    Laboratory test tube cleaning and brushing method

    As a commonly used instrument in the laboratory, the test tube has higher requirements for its cleaning, and we need to clean it carefully. The test tube used in the experiment must be thoroughly cleaned, because the impurities in the test tube will have adverse effects on the experiment. If the ...
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  • The correct use method of cover glass? What does it do and how does it work?

    Microscope is an observation instrument widely used in teaching, scientific research and other aspects. When using a microscope, there is a small “accessory” that Bibuke lacks, that is, the cover glass. Then how should we use the cover glass correctly? Cover glass should be cleaned be...
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  • Use and precautions of petri dishes

    New or used glassware should first be soaked in water to soften and dissolve the fixtures. New glassware should be simply washed with tap water before use, and then soaked overnight with 5% hydrochloric acid; Used glassware is often attached with a large number of protein and grease, dry after it...
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  • How to choose pipette tips?

    01 The material of the suction head At present, the pipette nozzle on the market basically uses polypropylene plastic, referred to as PP, which is a kind of colorless transparent plastic with high chemical inertia and a wide range of temperature. However, the same is polypropylene, there will be ...
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