Use and precautions of petri dishes

New or used glassware should first be soaked in water to soften and dissolve the fixtures. New glassware should be simply washed with tap water before use, and then soaked overnight with 5% hydrochloric acid; Used glassware is often attached with a large number of protein and grease, dry after it is not easy to scrub, so it should be immediately immersed in clean water for scrubbing.

1. Matters needing attention:

After cleaning and disinfection before use, whether the petri dish is clean or not has a great impact on the work, can affect the ph of the culture medium, if there are some chemicals, will inhibit the growth of bacteria.

The newly purchased petri dishes should be rinsed with hot water first, and then immersed in hydrochloric acid solution with a mass fraction of 1% or 2% for several hours to remove the free alkaline substances, and then rinsed with distilled water twice.

If you want to culture bacteria, then use high pressure steam (general 6.8*10 5 Pa high pressure steam), sterilization at 120℃ for 30min, dry in room temperature, or dry heat sterilization, is to put the petri dish in the oven, temperature control at about 120℃ under the condition of 2h, you can kill the bacterial tooth.

Sterilized petri dishes can only be used for inoculation and culture.

2. Use method:

Place the reagent bottle to be used in the appropriate position on the working area, and release the cap of the reagent bottle to be used.

Place petri dishes in the center of your workspace;

Remove the cap of the reagent bottle and siphon the reagent from the reagent bottle with a pipette.

Put the lid of the petri dish behind it;

Gently inject the culture medium directly into the base of one side of the dish;

Put the lid on the petri dish;

Place the dish on its side, being careful not to let the medium get into the tiny space between the lid and the bottom;

Remove the used straw.

Post time: Apr-26-2022