• How to install the pipette tip when using the pipette

    [ Pipets Tips Filter,Tecan Pipette Tips,Micro Pipette Tips,Gilson Pipette Tip,Pipette Tips 100ul ] Pipette is a kind of instrument used for quantitative transfer of liquid, which is widely used in biology, chemistry and other fields and clinical diagnostic laboratories, biotechnology laboratories...
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    cell inheritance (1) Test preparation: a box of 200ul/1ml pipette tip (all the above items need to be autoclaved), alcohol cotton ball, waste liquid tank, test tube rack, micropipette, marker, petri dish, centrifuge tube. (2) Discard the medium in the petri dish and wash twice with 1ml of PBS sol...
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  • How to Stain Microscope Slides

    Some common glass slide preparations in biology are the onion or allium root tip, amoeba, bacteria — coccus or round, spiral and rod shaped, diatoms, frog blood and cells, human blood, skin and hair, and flatworms or planaria. These and other specimens are available as prepared slides from scienc...
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  • Why keep petri dishes in a warm and dark place

    Petri dishes are laboratory instruments used to study the behavior of microorganisms in a controlled environment. Plates are usually made of glass or plastic and have a round or square bottom. The surface of the petri dish is divided into small circular sections. called a hole Types of Petri Dish...
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  • How to introduce bacteria into a petri dish

    How to introduce bacteria into a petri dish

    Introduce bacteria to the Petri dishes. Once the agar solution has hardened and the Petri dishes are at room temperature, you are ready for the fun part – introducing the bacteria. There are a couple of methods of doing this – through direct contact or through sample collection. Direct contact: ...
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    The Customer From Thailand Ordered 50ml centrifuge tubes,conical centrifuge tube,1.5 ml tube centrifuge from us. This batch of products has been quickly put into production. Thank you very much for your support and trust. I believe we can also establish long-term business relationships. We also w...
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  • What is a traditional embedding cassette

    Cassettes are the process of embedding material powders or other bulk structures for performance support or chemical protection. It can enhance the processing quality of microorganisms or cell tissues and avoid cutting and trimming. Embedding is commonly used in the immobilization of microorganis...
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  • Advantages of Disposable Sterile Loops

    Disposable plastic inoculation loop is a commonly used laboratory tool in life science experiments. It is widely used in many disciplines such as microbial detection, cell microbiology, and molecular biology. Inoculation loops can be generally divided into disposable plastic inoculation loops acc...
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  • How to use the Petri dish?

    A petri dish is a conventional laboratory vessel, consisting of a flat disc-shaped bottom and a cover, mainly made of plastic and glass, and glass can be used for plant materials, microbial culture and animal cell adherent culture. Most of the plastic is disposable, suitable for laboratory inocul...
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