Disposable sterile inoculum ring PP made flexible

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What is a vaccination ring?

Inoculation ring is a commonly used laboratory tool in life science experiments, widely used in microbial detection, cell microbiology, molecular biology and many other disciplines, inoculation ring can be divided into disposable plastic inoculation ring (made of plastic) and metal inoculation ring (steel, platinum or nickel chromium alloy) according to different materials. Disposable inoculation ring and needle are made of polymer material polypropylene (PP), with hydrophilic surface after special treatment, suitable for microbial experiments, bacterial experiments and cell and tissue culture experiments, etc., has been sterilized, can be directly used when unpacked!

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The raw material is polystyrene;

The needle rod is thin, flexible and can be used for narrow or special/shaped containers.

For the passage of microorganisms and the scribing on petri dishes;

EO sterilization, no heat source.

Method of use of vaccination ring:

1. Marking method: using the inoculation ring to stick the bacteria containing material, marking on the surface of the culture medium.

2. Spot planting method: contact several points on the surface of solid medium with inoculation ring.

3. Pour method: Put a few bacterium-containing materials into sterile petri dishes, pour melted AGAR medium at about 48°C, shake well and cool.

4. Puncture method: puncture with inoculation ring sticking microorganism and enter semi-solid medium for deep culture.

5. Invasion method: pick out the bacterium-containing material with inoculation ring and rinse it in liquid medium.

Advantages of vaccination ring

◎ The surface is hydrophilic after special treatment

◎ Various colors to distinguish different size of inoculation ring and inoculation needle, blue is 1.0μL inoculation ring, yellow is 10.0μL inoculation ring

Needle rod thin and soft, flexible, can be used for narrow or special shape containers

◎ All products have been sterilized and can be used directly

◎ Easy to tear, anti-pollution bag packaging paper plastic bag

◎ Each packing case has a batch number for easy quality tracking


Item # Description Specification Material Unit/Carton
BN0721 Inoculation Loops 10ul ABS 10000
BN0722   1ul ABS 10000
BN0723   needle type ABS 10000

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